Vanuatu Citizenship Process

Application Process

Please note any amounts that you pay, once paid it is non-refundable. So please be sure that you want to commit to this program before you proceed.

STAGE ONE: Applicant (and Spouse and each family member where applicable) must submit to our sub-agent or directly to us the following documents:

  • A certified true copy of existing passport (cover and bio data page)
  • Police Clearence Report from country of Residence
  • Certified True Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Personal Profile
  • USD2500 (non-refundable) fee to cover Vanuatu Government Due Diligence

The "pre-approval" stage starts once all documents and the USD2500 fee is received by us. This background check is done by Vanuatu FIU (Financial Intelligence Uit) usually takes 7-10 days.

STAGE TWO: Once the "pre-approval" process is completed, FIU will submit a written confirmation to the applicant, we will then guide the applicant through the rest of the application process either directly or through an authorized sub-agent. The applicant will then enter into an agreement with us to begin the processing of the application. The application must be correctly completed and all neccessary copies of documents required must be notarized.
At this time, the applicant must pay 25% of total cost. This payment once received is not refundable. Complete Applications must be received 8 days before the last Friday of each month. We will then submit the application to the Vanuatu Citizenship Commission (the commission is responsible for endorsing the application on behalf of the Vanuatu Government).

STAGE THREE: A written confirmation is issued by the Vanuatu Citizenship Commission to the applicant confirming the application is COMPLETE and APPROVED. A payment of 75% of the total cost is due at this stage. This is not refundable

STAGE FOUR: The Naturalization Certificate is issued by the Vanuatu Citizenship Commission. A softcopy of the Certificate will be sent to the applicant once.

STAGE FIVE: Final Stage is for the Applicant to take their oath. This will be commissioned by the Vanuatu Government's Commissioner of Oath. The Applicant will receive their Certificate of Vanuatu Citizenship and Passport. The Applicant has two options:

  1. Travel to Vanuatu to attend the Ceremony
  2. Have the Certificate and Passport brought to where ever you are.*

                  *There will be additional fees if you choose this option. Fees start from USD5000, depending on where in the world you are.